eMarketTrader is Standard Bank's advanced cross-asset electronic trading platform bringing together market intelligence & research, real-time pricing, trade execution and post-trade services through a single web based platform.

From the most demanding professional trader to a one-man corporate, eMarketTrader has customisable trading workflows that allow clients to balance speed, safety & assurance. The platform has been built from the ground-up around our clients' needs and the success of this resonates in the way eMarketTrader has become an integral part of our clients' business workflows.

eMarketTrader is built using state of the art technology and runs in popular web browsers with no need to download or install any software. Clients are up-and-running just moments after they receive their secure login credentials with no need for on-site visits or IT support.



eMarketTrader has a range of capabilities to suit your trading style and needs. For a demo please contact your Global Markets sales representative. The features include:

Real-time pricing and execution

  • Foreign Exchange rates in 64 currencies across majors, Africa, Asia, Latin America & emerging Europe
  • Precious Metals pricing for gold, silver, platinum & palladium
  • Executable streaming spot, forwards and flexible forwards
  • Request for quote for spot, forward & swap
  • Executable streaming pricing ladders
  • Block trading

Sophisticated Order Management

  • Submit a comprehensive suite of order types
    • Supported order types:
      • Limit
      • Stop
      • Call
      • If Done
      • One Cancels Other (OCO)
      • If Done OCO
  • Edit Orders
    • Supported order types:
      • Limit
      • Stop
      • Call
  • Dedicated order blotter to manage and monitor orders
  • Visual representation of market proximity
  • Bulk Actions
    • De-activate, activate or cancel multiple orders at the same time with a single mouse click
  • Action notifications
    • Real time notifications of changes to order status

Deal Management

  • Dedicated blotter to view all maturing FECs
  • Management of FECs to allow:
    • Early delivery
    • Extension
    • Surrender

Customisable Interface & Workflows

  • Pre-configured as well customisable groups of instruments
  • Customise and save blotters as well as export to Microsoft Excel
  • One-way and two-way pricing allows visibility and access to the sides of the market that affect your business
  • Volume and forward ladders

Easy navigation to market leading research and post-trade services